Wow! Just amazing how the whole world changed in a matter of a month. Every one of us will be re-evaluating how we look at everything from relationships, access, entertainment, sports, SHOPPING, products, all the way down to how we conduct business. Now its on-line this, on-line that, virtual tours, mobile notaries, digital closings... head spinning if you are going at it alone.
As a Realtor, my mantra has always been "A PERSONAL TOUCH IN A DIGITAL WORLD", and now even more than ever before. This is how I distance myself from other agents, the one thing that sets me apart from others.
I will always consider my clients as my next friends who might need guidance in this new age, so I will never lose that personal touch of help and guidance. I will always have the time to listen and navigate through the ups and downs (and sideways directions) of your real estate transaction, whether buying or selling. Lets start!